This is the Story of Our Adventures in Paradise

In early 2009 Allan and Judy Green decided that they needed a drastic change from the consumer driven life they had been living in Canada. The North American Lifestyle had worn thin. After an exceptionally cold winter of many weeks of -40 degree C they decided to explore alternative lifestyles in the 'less developed' but much warmer areas of our world ... starting in Belize!

The criteria for winter relocation included:

  • Warm temperate climate
  • A slower paced lifestyle
  • Close to the ocean for scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Forested areas
  • Eco-centric mindset
  • Realistic cost of living

On this site you will find a little information about the beautiful and diverse country called Belize. They are also spending time in Cuba, Mexico and other warmer areas of our beautiful planet.

Latest Upates:

Updated Photo Gallery, 14 July 2009